About Boundary Bay Publishing

Boundary Bay Publishing, a subsidiary of PressReader headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., specializes in publishing open-source books free of copyright restrictions. Our primary focus is on timeless classics - books that have stood the test of time and are considered essential reading for everyone. Initially, Boundary Bay Publishing was established with students in mind. We recognized that many classic works were printed in formats that were challenging for students to read, with small fonts, tight line spacing, and minimal margins. Our goal was to create student-friendly print books that were easy to read, with ample margin space for note taking, thus addressing the needs of young readers. In June of 2021, we released our first printed book, followed by fixed-format versions of our titles, allowing for seamless reading experiences across print and digital platforms with corresponding page numbers for easy reference by teachers and students alike. Later, we expanded our offerings to include reflowable digital versions, optimizing readability on devices of all sizes, including tablets and phones. Our commitment lies in producing high-quality products accessible to readers of all ages. Boundary Bay continues to expand its catalog with titles of general interest as they enter the public domain.

As you explore our catalog, each title offers two links for your convenience. One directs you to a complimentary sample, while the other takes you to the purchasing page on the PressReader website. These reflowable digital versions are accessible via both the PressReader website and the PressReader App. You can find all the information you need by reading our Guide to eBooks on PressReader eBook.

For more information on our print editions, please visit the Bulk School Orders page.

We hope you’ll relish exploring our catalog and delving into one of our timeless classics!